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December 8th, 2022 05:00

WMS PUSH bios and firmware update

We just did a mass push update to our WYSE thin Client 5070 and all seemed fine. The Dell ThinOS 2208 (9.3.2102) was updated as well as BIO 1.18.0.

The issue we have is that software packages updated and the OS updated but the BIOS did not. Most of our 5070s are still version 1.10. Not sure why the WMS server didn't push the 1.18. Whats more odd is that some 5070 have a BIOS of 1.13 which was never pushed.

Any ideas why the BIOS isn't updating?

5070 in System INFO states: "WMS: ignore remote source(same version) 1.18.0"

although under about BIOS: 1.10.2

December 15th, 2022 00:00

Hello Tuco,

make sure to Push BIOS Update in a different Group than the OS and Application-Package Updates. It's stated in the Release Notes, that BIOS Update will fail if you try it in the same stept as ThinOS Update and furthermore, that you can't Update to the failed BIOS Version afterwards at all.

Also make sure to do ThinOS and App Updates before you do the BIOS update.



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December 8th, 2022 07:00

I have never seen this.  I would suggest a support case. 

1) In WMS, Device properties page, System info.   Does the BIOS version in WMS match what it says on the thin client itself?

December 15th, 2022 00:00

Also I want to add, that we ran into a different Problem, despite following the mentioned steps (We use WMS on Premise).

With the ThinOS2211 Update, we deployed OS and App-Package Updates successfuly, but the BIOS Update failed with "wms: failed to download file bios-Op3000TC_1.5.3.pkg-V1.5.3 (type: bios) HTTP 404: File not found on server."
We got this error on Wyse 5070, 5470 and Optiplex 3000 (with the latest BIOS package for each).
I will cut right to the solution, as we discovered it yesterday: In WMS go to "Apps & Data" -> "OS Image Repository" -> "ThinOS 9.x" -> "Add BIOS file" -> Upload your BIOS package. Then got to "Groups & Configs" and select the new BIOS Version in your Group for BIOS Updates. That's it.
For some reason the Upload within the Policy works for OS and Apps, but not for BIOS.

You can even see it on the WMS Server in the WMS directory under <DRIVE>:\<WMS>\LocalRepo\repository\data\tc2biosRepository. The BIOS package only appears after uploading it via Apps&Data. Uploading it in the Policy does nothing here. However, for OS Updates the Upload withing the Policy seems to work.

I hope this is can save someone a little trouble, as it took me quiet some time in troubleshooting. Hopefully it will be fixed in the upcoming WMS Release anyway.


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