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18-08-2023 12:51 PM

Wyse Management Suite upgrade from to Problem.


I'm trying to upgrade dell WMS from to but every time the install fails at this point:

2023-8-17 T16:56:56::CustomFunctions::5232::File deletion completed with return code: 0 
2023-8-17 T16:56:56::CustomFunctions::9851:: /c EncryptLockBoxPswdForMigration.bat BE8E1842D6631DE3E5613C393B050EBF qk26lozcea7nyqe
2023-8-17 T16:56:57::CustomFunctions::9854::Error in launching script for Encrypting lockbox password: Incorrect function.

2023-8-17 T16:56:57::Upgrade::916::Failed to Migrate lockbox configuration while upgrade!

When I try to rollback it corrupt the software vault service but can rollback using VM snapshots. Can anyone help?

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22-08-2023 11:54 AM

Please contact support.  This has been identified as an issue that relates to the UUID of the WMS VM changing.  There is a work around that has shown to be successful (prior to updating).  

If you are unsuccessful with support, or they do not seem to understand what the fix is, please DM me the case number. 


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25-08-2023 16:11 PM

@buffalobound​ Hi From the UK which number support number to contact dell? The company use the free version of Wyse management Suite (Standard) Private cloud.


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06-09-2023 10:14 AM


Tried to update from 4.0 HF3 to 4.1.1 which was recently released but I still have the same issue where it fails at the same point.

Even if I log with Dell support they reply back to say:

Thank you for contacting Dell ProSupport with your request.
you are using Standard version of WMS and you have WMS installation issue which is out of scope for standard WMS users.
if you want help with this, you should have Pro version.
the case can be forwarded to the software department only if you have Pro version
Thank you for your understanding and have a nice day

best regard
Dell Team 

Though they website clearly states they should support me even if Im a standard user:

How to Get Support for Wyse Management Suite | Dell UK

Says I can get limited help with troubleshooting product installation/update issues which I am having.

So can someone help me upgrade this product.

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08-09-2023 13:04 PM

Hello @Jayz1900​,

Did you have any progress with Dell support?

We're having exactly the same issue and running WMS Standard as well.

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12-09-2023 20:47 PM

Any update? I'm having the same issue.

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13-09-2023 11:04 AM

No updates as Dell does not even know how to fix this issue. Give you an update that breaks everything. Good going Dell. Luckily I got snapshots to roll back.

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13-09-2023 16:33 PM

Hey @buffalobound

Seems like some legit users with a Standard version of WMS are having this same issue; any hint/workaround you can provide will be greatly appreciated!


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13-09-2023 21:42 PM

I am also having this issue ( to I Have logged a call into to Dell Support. I will try to keep this post alive. The person I spoke to today mentioned that there are several people that have reported this issue so hopefully there is a fix soon.


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19-09-2023 13:22 PM

@iAmVegas​ Thank you, please let us know if Dell is able to help you with this issue, if I found a workaround will let you guys know!

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06-11-2023 16:53 PM

Has anyone found a workaround to this issue? I am using the free version of WMS, so I'm assuming that Dell support won't be able to help me at all.