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September 12th, 2023 11:57

2308 Login Settings sometimes reseted wifi


With the 2308 upgrades, everyday, we have randomly 3-10 Wyse (5070) out of our 250 wyses who temporaly lose most of the Login Settings : no logo, ask for domain, no "Save Last Domain User",...

Sometimes this problem solves itself after some minutes but most of the time I need to click on the wallpaper > Open the log windo and close the log windows wich sole the problem.

here is the values we are using :

Login Experience > Login Settings :

- default domain : xxx.xx
- disable default domain on Login Consol : Hidden
- Logo for Login Windows 
- save Last domain User : Username only
- wifi wpa2 psk

Here is a working login and a "bugged" login :

This problem seems to only occured on wyse using wifi wpa2 psk; I never see it with wired ethernet wyse.

Thanks for your help,

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September 14th, 2023 13:48

I would definitely recommend opening a case. I have not seen this, and engineering needs logs.

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September 28th, 2023 13:23

I had the same issue, opened a case during 2308 beta, I just tested code this week that fixed the issue.  As a workaround, if you have nightly or auto reboots turned on, it seems turning off the automated reboots addresses the issue.  The fix is coming for ThinOS 2311.

Additionally, I found if you click the i in the task bar for System Information, open System Information and close it, my login session refreshes; you don't need to reboot to fix it.


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