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September 13th, 2023 21:11

Buffering of caps lock key press events to Linux VM via Citrix

Hey guys, I want to remap the caps lock key in a Linux VM that I'm accessing via Citrix from a ThinOS client, however the caps lock key events are being transformed somewhere before they reach the VM, which is making this remapping useless.

I've tested this with both `xev` and `xinput` in the VM. When I push caps lock I don't see any key press events received in the VM. It's only when I then push another key I receive both the caps lock key down / up, and then the other key down / up. It's as if somewhere the caps lock event is being swallowed and held in a buffer to only be sent when the next key is pressed.

I do not see this behaviour with any of the other modifier keys (e.g. Control, Shift, etc.). I also do not see this behaviour with caps lock when connecting to a Windows VM. In all of these cases the key down / up events are received in the VM as soon as the key is pressed / released.

I've noticed in a few places the documentation mentions idiosyncratic keyboard layout mode with a Linux VM, e.g. But so far I've not found the magic combination that just allows the caps lock key press to be forwarded directly to the VM. Any pointers towards the settings required to achieve this would be most gratefully received. Thanks in advance!

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