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February 7th, 2024 13:26

ThinOS 2311(9.4.4123) / Citrix / Zoom Citrix update and screens go black

We have Thin Clients 5070 & Optiplex 3000 thin clients.

Issue after updating the two different thin Clients we are having random thin clients screens going black and either you wait a couple of minutes and it comes back or you reboot the thin client. The citrix session is still running. Any thoughts?

The black out of the monitor will happen more then once for the users

Testing out the latest upgrade to 


5070 > 1.26

3000 > 1.13.2


Citrix Workspace


February 28th, 2024 20:14

I am also experiencing the same issue. I have a handful of Wyse 5070 with Bios version 1.20, ThinOS 9.4.3087, and Citrix Workspace

I am now testing to see if I can replicate the issue with Bios 1.24, ThinOS 9.4.4123, and Citrix Workspace We have yet to narrow down what is the root cause. 

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February 29th, 2024 13:15

After updating a number of dell Wyse 3040 and 5070 we are experiencing the same issue on several devices.

wyse 3040 => BIOS 1.2.5 and wyse 507 => BIOS 1.26.0

Dell ThinOS 2311 (9.4.4123) with Citrix Workspace and WVD 2.3.2266

Currently the only option seems to downgrade to a previous working version.

Screen goes black several times per day, session is still running in the background. A reboot is needed after which session can be reconnected.


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February 29th, 2024 15:04

Dell just released "ThinOS 9.1.3129 or later to ThinOS 2402 (9.5.1079) Upgrade Image file"

let's give that a try .....

March 7th, 2024 15:10

Has anyone had any luck with the updated versions? 

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March 13th, 2024 18:17

We are also seeing similar on a couple of test terminals with 2311, although having updated it to 2402 a couple of days ago, I haven't seen it since.  We are having other issues though (also introduced a couple of month ago), like headsets not being detected if they are plugged in after the terminal has established a session to Citrix.

So I can't really roll out anything more widely - solve one issue and introduce another.  Most of our terminals are running year-old firmware at this point because every newer version just brings more problems.  :(

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March 18th, 2024 11:05

Trying the below on the 5070s and 3000 and so far haven't had any blanking of screens. What I am having is issues installing the Citrix_Zoom with this Firmware and ThinOS. Citrix zoom installed on my test 3000 but on all other 3000 and 5070s it just fails on the install with no real reason.






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March 19th, 2024 21:09

Upgrade to (2402)9.5 seems to fix the reboots.

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March 19th, 2024 21:17

@Tuco2005​  Zoom seems to be Build into the firmware like Teams on this newer Firmware 9.5. I did see a Universal Zoom that we are looking into in the list of install apps.

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