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June 6th, 2015 06:00

WSMV3.61 Major Disk Fragmentation resulting in serious perfromance issues

WSMV3.61 Major Disk Fragmentation resulting in serious perfromance issues

I have a brand new High School lab which was brought online last week. No more than 20 people have used it. The W2003r2 server is brand new and was built from installation media. The 15,000 rpm hard drive has a C and D partition. The D partition has the Wyse steaming OS image.

I was called to the lab because the Z00D clients all had solid blue screens. As it turns out a substitute teacher yesterday turned off the server(power slammed it - I know because there is no monitor attached for an orderly shutdown to be performed).

After turning the WSM server back on the performance of all 30 Z00D clients was so slow as to be virtually unuseable. This was true even after rebooting all the clients. Troubleshooting revealed horrific disk fragmentation on the D partition. After downloading "Diskkeeper 2011" and manually defragging, performance is back to normal.

This server was also power slammed last week when maintenance shut off the power in this part of the building without informing me.

Could the power slams have caused this fragmentation, or is this normal? The Windows defrag program could not defragment the disk. Without Diskkeeper the s
ystem was essentially unuseable. I am streaming XPpro.


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June 6th, 2015 06:00

i have noticed the same.
it has nothing to do with the power slams. system creates a cache per client and updates it very often which causes the fragmentation.
i am using smart defrag to automatically defrag the system.
and another similar issue is the size of a cache. if i run the system in persistent mode for about a month some client caches' reach up to tens of gigabytes.
so system is dealing with huge fragmented caches which is effecting the overall performance dramatically.

any suggestions about the huge cache sizes?

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