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October 16th, 2019 09:00

Wyse Management Suite USB Redirection Off, not working still redirecting usb to VDI

Hi, i have the next issue:

Device Type: Thin Client (Wyse 3040 thin client)

OS Version: Wyse ThinOS PCoIP (8.6_027)

VDI: Windows 8.1 / 10


on the wyse wms i set 

Enable USB Redirection -> yes, but exclude some devices(Audio device) but on the log of the wyse 3040 i get:

12:40:08.503 AUDIO: Change playback device to SST Audio
12:40:08.503 AUDIO: Change record device to SST Audio
12:40:08.810 USB: Found a new 12Mbps device "WYSE LIBUSB" on port 1
12:40:09.982 VUSB: redirect device 3 (PID: 0x0a44, VID: 0x046d)

the wyse 3040 still redirecting the usb headset to the vdi.... i need to turn off this.

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