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June 21st, 2022 01:00

XPS 8940, RazerKraken TE, no mic

I have just purchased my XPS 8940. With my mic I used on my old dell 790 and I had an audio splitter for my single jack headset. But with the 8940 there is only one port for my one jack and I get no mic audio. How do I go about this

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21-06-2022 17:00 PM



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21-06-2022 01:00 AM

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21-06-2022 06:00 AM

@0chriis The front headset port on the XPS 8940 should support a headset (headphone and mic combo). See the Setup and Specifications, pages 8-9.

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21-06-2022 10:00 AM

I'm using the RazerKraken TE and i'm getting no mic input, only sound. I have tried two other headsets with the same configuration.

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