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06-10-2018 12:00 PM

Blue Screen Error on Startup from Sleep- XPS 13 9360

Hello, I've been having trouble with my XPS 13 9360 laptop for about a month and a half.

After I open the lid which is on sleep mode, it starts right up with a blue screen error of DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. That is the only error I've ever seen. It says that it has to "Collect some error data and then I can restart". Then I hold the power button down for about 5 seconds until the light goes off and the a quick push to restart it. After that it restarts fine and works great. It doesn't do it every time I open the lid, but usually when the lid has been closed a long time (5-6 hours). It does it both when the computer has been plugged into the power adapter or not. It is also becoming a more frequent occurrence.

On two occasions, I've open the lid to find it completely black and does not turn on immediately. On those occasions I held the power button down for about 30 seconds. Then pushed it one more time and started up normally.

I've checked for updates and checked that all my drivers are updated in the Task Manager. I've unchecked the "Fast Startup" setting. I've scanned for device performance and health in SupportAssist- came up clean at 100%. I did a Windows Defender scan- passed. I've removed unwanted software and I rarely have external hardware plugged in to my laptop.

My operating system is 64-bit Windows 10 ver. 1803 installed on 5/18/18. I've done all the BIOS updates as the come through. I have a pretty full storage; would that have something to do with it?

I'm pretty stumped so does anyone have any advice or dealt with this before? Thanks.

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26-07-2019 03:00 AM

My XPS 13 does the same thing. The blue screen on wake-up doesn't happen every time it wakes up. However, the screen brightness control is disabled every time it wakes up. I, too have done all of the recommended updates and scans. My XPS 13 L321X had a different sleep issue - the battery would drain very quickly while it was asleep causing a windows shutdown error. I am glad the startup time is not too long because I shut down instead of letting it go to sleep to avoid these headaches.

15-02-2020 09:00 AM

I have the same problem but in a XPS 13 9350.

I tried everything, the problema remains the same.