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19-06-2020 13:00 PM

Dell Support Problems Please Help!

We purchased a high end Dell XPS 13 APril 2019 for my son to use on his fall semester for about $1300. It sat until August when he went off to school when he began to use it. About 3 months ago my son noticed that it had a slight ghosting on the screen when he was using and some of the colors looked off, but he did not report it to me.

We have contacted tech support over 8 times now so far we have been; given a fake Service Request Number, hung up on, put on hold indefinitely, been told we would receive a callback that never comes. They just tell us it is out of warranty and they cannot help us.

I feel that this type of issue should be covered under warranty for such an expensive machine because:
We have owned it for such a short period of time
It was really only used for about 6 months before it started exhibiting this issue
This is obviously a manufacturing defect, not wear and tear so we would really appreciate a grace period on the warranty

We cannot file for an unresolved case because they wont give us a real Service Request number!  Thats right a service rep gave us a fake Service Request Number!

Is there someone out there from dell that is listening that can help me???



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19-06-2020 13:00 PM

You're not going to succeed with a warranty repair request.  No manufacturer does this any longer, unless forced to in cases where publicity about widespread problems forces them to (such as Apple's faulty keyboards).

For out of warranty systems, there's a diagnosis fee that's then applied to the repair cost (link below).

You can also run a screen diagnostic yourself and skip that step (hold D through powerup and it'll test the screen).  If the screen fault shows up in diagnostic, the screen needs to be replaced;  if it does not, it's more likely either a problem with the screen cable or the mainboard.  You can then proceed to take the system to the repair shop  yourself to have the corresponding faulty part replaced.

Out of warranty repair: