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September 23rd, 2019 17:00

Dell XPS 15 9530's keyboard right half does not work

hello there, 

my problem started last Tuesday night when suddenly I found my Dell XPS15 9350 keyboard buttons typing extra letters whenever I try to type anything from the right side of the keyboard for example if I typed "P" I get "IOP" and so on. 

Then on Wednesday, I found in the morning that the whole right side of the keyboard of the laptop along with tabs, caps locks , ctrl , win and arrows do not work. 

I followed everything piece of advice about the keyboard malfunctions I found here in the community and other forums and websites. 

The touchpad works, I tried to uninstall and install the keyboard driver several times and it did nothing. I download the touchpad keyboard's latest update from dell and it did nothing.

I bought a wireless keyboard which currently I am using. The touchpad works fine, the left side works fine too except X letter 

I found this in Dell support forum but it is for another laptop model and my battery is built-in but I gave it a try on my own way.

I let the battery drain and I did that 15 seconds  click to reset the BIOS and voila it worked but only last night 

Now we are back to the old complete right side that does not work at all. I tried the battery drain but it did not work this time. 

My laptop gets overheated sometimes and I wonder if it is part of the problem or it is a BIOS problem despite the BIOS is updated to its latest version. 

Is it hardware problem or software BIOS problem?

The last update I received from Windows 10 was on 12/9/2019 and it was the September KB4515384 

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