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September 28th, 2023 14:43

Dell XPS 15 nVidia issue

XPS 15 9560

XPS 15 9560


I have a Dell XPS 15 9560 with WD15 dock and my discrete nVidia GPU (GTX 1050) does not working.

What I tried:

- My system (win 10 pro) see the Intel iGPU and the nVidia dGPU in devmgmt with no error code.

- HW Info/GPU-Z see both GPUs

- I disassambled my laptop and clean it from dust

- I did driver re-install with DDU

- I did a clean windows install

- I tried another version of win 10 pro

- Tried different versions of nVidia drivers

- Tried regedit modification

- Most games do not start if I choose nVidia GPU, only start with Intel GPU

My issue is still unresolved.

All drivers are up-to-date (using DriverEasy)

Have any idea what`s wrong with my loved laptop?

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28-09-2023 15:44 PM

If you haven't tried a clean install of Windows, followed by the latest Intel and then nVidia driver, that's next.

If you have and the nVidia GPU still does not work, it is likely on its way out -- meaning you'll need to decide whether the cost of a replacement system board is reasonable given the relatively advanced age of the system.

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28-09-2023 15:56 PM


Thanks for your response.

I did clean windows install, then the latest drivers installtion.

I hope you're wrong. But yeah, probably it's dying

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