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June 11th, 2024 02:48

Killer Wireless card Replacement/Upgrade for XPS 9560

XPS 15 9560

XPS 15 9560

I would like to replace my Killer wifi Network Card VM1D6. It is getting MBPS of around 190 down and 20 up. No better connected to ethernet port.  I have Spectrum Gigabyte service. I pay for this service but of course my laptop is not getting the speeds of 1gig down, 40 Up. What can I buy to upgrade my Killer Wireless Network Card? A Dell rep says I can only replace it with the same kind I have already.

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June 11th, 2024 11:00

Any standard non-CNVio M.2 card will work -- do not buy the Intel AX201, 211, 411, etc.  Look for the models ending in zero (AX200, 210,  410, etc.).

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