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September 24th, 2019 12:00

Screen brightness only goes up to 20%; screen dims and flickers (XPS 13 -9370)

Laptop: XPS 13 -9370

  • bios 1.11.1
  • Display Adapter: intel UHD Graphics 620 (; khronos group 2019-09-12 )
  • Monitor : Generic PnP Monitor (10.0.18362.207; Microsoft WinBuild 16101.0800)

_ Problem: The screen "brightness" slider-bar can only go up to 20%. When I adjust the brightness beyond 20%, the screen starts dimming and flickering.

I've been actively struggling with this problem and nothing is fixing the problem.

I've read and followed many posts on these boards (2019-09) and done the following ( ...multiple times, lol) : 

1) updated the following drivers :

un/re-installed via Device Manager

  • Display Adapter : intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Monitor - Generic PnP Monitor

Ran DELL's Suport Assist and everything updated :

  • multiple FAILURES to install the "Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver and Management Console"




    Category: Serial ATA

    Release Date: August 20, 2019

2) un-installed to previous version of Windows 10 (then reinstalled when I saw that nothing changed).

Currently running:

  • Version1903 
  • OS Build10.0.18362 
  • Build Branch19h1_release

3) ran the Intel Drivers and Support Assistant, which updates drivers directly from Intel (graphics card, chipset)

  • chipset
  • video

I do not see on my computer, neither in the bios nor anywhere else, the control option available concerning "automatic-adjustment" of birghtness"; thus I cannot disactivate this option that some claim cause them problems.

2 Posts

June 14th, 2022 18:00

I have had the same exact problem for a long time now, after many updates, etc...

I went as far as to CHANGE the display. That did not fix the problem.

A repair person suggested that it might be the GPU (graphic processor). On the XPS13 that would mean replacing the motherboard (i7 @i@2022-06,  >$400-500)

Yet, when I connect an external monitor or projector, everything looks normal.


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