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June 11th, 2024 03:05

Touch Bar on XPS 13 plus not working

My dell xps 13 plus laptops Touch Bar has stopped working the bar lights up but pressing the function keys and the preset keys like volume or brightness won't work I can press the fn key on the actual key board and the lights on the Touch Bar switch to show the fn key number 1-12 but when I press on them nothing happens had this problem befor and was in the warranty dell fixed it but now it's back and my device is out of warranty. I feel like I should ask to turn the device in and get a new laptop or see if I can get a refund or if dell will send me a new laptop in replacement for the faulty one I have that dell said themselves that it is a design flaw. 



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June 11th, 2024 06:31

To receive assistance from Dell chat support, they need to verify the warranty status and ownership. Then you must troubleshoot with them.  Click the "Get Help Now" icon on the right to start a live chat session. If already out of warranty, click here for the Dell out of warranty offering.

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