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October 16th, 2019 11:00

Touchscreen on XPS13 7390 2-in-1 in Ubuntu

I just installed Ubuntu on my new 7390 but I can't get the touchscreen working. Are there some Ubuntu drivers available? I could only find drivers for older models.



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25-10-2019 17:00 PM

Hello xblahoud,


Further to our conversation/troubleshooting via private message, I can confirm that the issue is within the OS (Ubuntu) simply because the touchscreen functions at the ePSA screen.

Please refer to the Ubuntu forums for further assistance. We'll proceed to close this thread as resolved now.


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06-02-2020 06:00 AM

I was able to resolve my problem and the touchscreen now works for me. The first step is to check whether it is a hardware problem or not. I did it (following DELL's instructions) by the ePSA test If that shows the screen is faulty - it is a hardware problem. If it is healthy - as in my case - the problem is within the OS. My problem was caused by the way Ubuntu was installed on my laptop (one of the very first ones in this configuration): It was installed with the intel_lpss_pci kernel modul blacklisted.

You can check if it is your case by:

lsmod | grep intel_lpss

 the expected result should be something like

intel_lpss_acpi        16384  0
intel_lpss_pci         20480  0
intel_lpss             16384  2 intel_lpss_pci,intel_lpss_acpi

If your result is different, the modul was not loaded (maybe because it was blacklisted). You can try if loading it would work by

modprob --all intel-lpss intel-lpss-pci intel-lpss-acp

This enabled the touchscreen for me at the current session. For a permanent solution, I needed to disable blacklisting of the module following these instructions

To make sure the modules are loaded, you can create the following file (named, for example, `intel_lpss.conf`) and copy it to `/etc/modules-load.d`. This loads the modules at the start of each session.

# Copy this into /etc/modules-load.d
# Also need to remove the blacklisting of intel-lpss-pci from GRUB:
# Enable the intel-lpss module at boot time to enable touch-screen on 
# the 2-in-1 XPS13 7930. This is needed because the module was blacklisted
# at installation time.
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