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March 4th, 2020 15:00

XPS 13 7390, Battery Life

I just purchased brand a new XPS 13 (i7-10th gen, 6 core, 4k touch screen).  The battery life is much less than I expected.  I am keeping brightness relatively low (less than 40%) and resolution at 1080.  Also, I am not running anything heavy either (mostly Citrix).  The battery lasts only about 4 hours which less than my older XPS 13.  Is this normal or is it an issue with a set up I have?  Please advise.



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March 4th, 2020 15:00


Dell offers lithium ion batteries for notebooks than can provide between 1.5 — 4 hours of battery life. Listed below are common battery sizes and an estimate of how long a computer can run under typical operating conditions.

4-cell battery 1.5 — 2 hours

6-cell battery 2.5 — 3 hours

9-cell battery 3.5 — 4 hours


I see that your system holds 4 cell battery.


Considering this, the 4 cell battery is working as per design, giving you sufficient power for the task at hand.


How to Improve the Performance of a Dell Laptop Battery

The Battery drains quicker than expected on a Dell notebook with Modern Standby mode enabled





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May 2nd, 2022 05:00


If you are getting a backup for 3-5 hours, your system is performing well within our specifications.

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August 2nd, 2020 16:00

I am having the same problem. My boyfriend bought me the Dell XPS13 7390 2 IN 1 for my bday last week. I fully charged it and then decided to set it up well not even 1 hour later my battery is down to 55% and says 1hr 55 min left on it. How is this possible. I had the same problem with my last Dell laptop brand new and the battery would drain so fast. come to find out it was a defective battery that was put in luckily it was under warranty. I am thinking that might be the same thing that is happening with my new one

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August 2nd, 2020 17:00

With the i7 CPU and even more so that 4K screen, probably 5-6 hours is the best you'll ever get -- and that's with aggressive power saving enabled (dim the screen as much as tolerable, disable the turbo boost on the CPU, and set the system to sleep aggressively when not in use), shot off wifi when not in use, etc.

If you were actively using the system over that hour (the screen never shut off, and you were online at the same time), then yes - 3 hours may be all you can expect.  That 4K screen and the CPU/GPU horsepower required to run it is the biggest power consumer in that system.


October 8th, 2020 09:00

I am having the same issue, battery draws so fast despite I am not pushing it hard (low resolution and brightness, just web use). I guess it is a characteristic of this model, not exactly a problem. Kind of disappointing thou.

I would be happy if Dell comes up with a solution.

December 8th, 2020 18:00

I've had mine for about a year and a half.  I'm simply in shock.  No other words to put it.  Spent close to $2,000 on my rig when I got it.   Tag < DATA REMOVED BY ADMIN >

I was in love with this before I invested in it.  Circled it and circled it, then finally pulled the trigger on the big spend.  The screen was the huge draw for me.  Ironic, since now I can't run the screen at full brightness.  Have felt like a fool.   Battery deteriorated so quick, it wasn't more than a month and I was experiencing less than 1 hour of life with a dim screen.

I cannot believe that with today's technology that this laptop cannot be more than one hour away from the power cord.  Seriously, I'm down to one hour.  (And the screen is forever flickering.)

I've bought Dells before, and NEVER had an issue where the advertised battery life was night and day different from what I experienced.  I've made all the changes, updates, modifications to power settings, BIOS, etc.

No satisfactory answers anywhere.

I've got no choice but to move on.  

February 13th, 2022 15:00

I just bought a Dell XPS 15 9510 a week ago and the battery life is terrible. A little over 2 hours. I did a clean install of windows and initially it got way better with an estimated 11-14 hours of estimated remaining battery life, but shortly thereafter, it was back to 1.5 to 2.5 hours, then it would 4.5 hours, then 1.5. It was erratic, all over the place. Then, I deleted the Nvidia Control Panel and GeForce Experience. That helped a little more, but it was still erratic as far as estimated battery life remaining and the discharge rate. Then, I disabled the RTX 3050 Ti in Device Manager and that "fixed" the problem. Obviously, this is just a work around and not a true fix. It isolates the problem, which is clearly something related to the dedicated graphics card. This doesn't appear to be an isolated problem as I have read posts from a wide range of Dell XPS laptop owners having unacceptable battery life issues. Why would I keep a laptop that I have to disable the dedicated graphics card to get proper battery life? I've have an i7, 16gb ram and the FHD+ display with the 6 cell battery.



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February 13th, 2022 15:00

Hello, we see you are looking for assistance. Click our DELL-Cares username, on the right click, "Send this user a private message". Provide to us the private Dell PC Service Tag. If you need assistance finding your Service Tag, click here.

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February 14th, 2022 04:00

I think flagging this as "Solved" is a bit rich - this is anything but solved as far as I can see...Dell are still shipping products that have unacceptable battery life, then expecting the users to spend hours working out why this might be and having to fix the issue. 

I would suggest "solving" this issue would be shipping units out to customers in the state they would expect to receive them when paying top $ for a supposedly premium product? 

March 1st, 2022 12:00

I ended up returning my XPS 15 9510 and getting a replacement one.  Problem solved!  No battery issues with the new one!  I literally have an estimated battery time remaining of 1 day and 52 minutes right now.  Obviously, this is not realistic and it just now changed to 10 hours and 51 minutes as I'm typing this.  The power and battery menu on Windows 11 is wildly inaccurate, but the bottom line, I'm getting way more than the 2-3 hours that I was getting on my returned XPS 15 9510.

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April 24th, 2022 07:00

I also just got an XPS 15, the same model as you but a refurbished one and I got around 6 hours runtime set to better battery using Word, browsing on edge and spotify. I also got the same issue with Windows estimated running time, 5hrs to 3hrs but maximum I could see was 8hrs. The battery report says my max capacity is now 79000 mWh Do you think I should return it or get a battery replacement?

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