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June 11th, 2024 09:37

XPS 13 Plus 9320 - Ghosting Screen + Capacitive Touch & TouchPad Issues

I have been having a nightmare with my XPS 13 Plus 9320 ever since I started using it with lid closed and 2 x external monitors.

The first issue (which I fixed with a bios setting but came back recently) was my display would not go to sleep when the lid was closed so I would manually need to disable in Windows. This was annoying but I think I have fixed this issue now a BIOS update so will monitor.

The 2nd issue and most annoying is ghosting and function keys being pressed when the lid is closed, I have reported this with Dell who are refusing to help as I never extended my warranty. They are simply just telling me this is hardware problem, and I will need to pay for repair. I believe this is a firmware issue as it only seems to happen when I leave my laptop go to sleep.

When I wake my device and if I use Edge I get constant prompts for caret browsing because my F7 key is being pressed even though the device is closed, this also happens in SSMS so then I can't do my job because F7 key opens the object explorer. I have also disabled my touchscreen but still experience ghosting which makes the machine completely unusable, even after I open the lid this issue continues until I reboot. The glass touchpad also clicks when it is in this weird state of ghosting.

I have seen other users post for similar ghosting issues on other XPS models, I also don't think my device is damaged since I can repeat this issue and it only seems to be a problem using it closed lid. If anyone has experienced similar issues and has a solution this would be great, Dell seem to only want to offer repair but I don't believe this is a repair issue, this seems to be a bug and if they can identify the issue a firmware/bios update should resolve this but the problem I am having is for almost 3 months I have just been told there is nothing hat can be done.

The fact the machine is now out of standard warranty should be irrelevant if this is a bug/firmware issue so I am not sure what I am supposed to do, I don't want to pay for a repair as I suspect a replacement OLED panel will be extremely expensive but would they also replace the keyboard and touchpad... paying all that I would be better of buying a new device and worse, I don't think it would even resolve the issue.

I just tried to call Dell again to escalate and reproduce the issue, my touchpad is now not working. I went into device manager to check the OLED touchscreen was still disabled (which it is) but noticed an issue with another device. Touchpad is completely nonresponsive, I suspect this will go after rebooting but this is another issue I have now, this may have been happening all the time as I wouldn't noticed when 99% of use is with the lid closed but still makes me think this is a BIOS/driver issue.

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