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May 4th, 2016 20:00

Certification Data Erasure for XtremIO

do we have any document to prove or can show to customer what type on the data erasure for the XtremIO ssd drive ?

Example for the CX we do have doc PSBASCXDE.pdf

for XtremIO do we have this kind of doc ?

as per understand for all SSD is use the Sanitize

Disk Type : SSD

Erase Type: Sanitize

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May 5th, 2016 08:00

yeah - there is a certified data erasure for XtremIO that produces a certificate - check out PS-BAS-XTDE

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May 18th, 2016 20:00

Thanks , i get the sb_de_forextremeio_ps-bas-xtde.pdf from DE team Driscoll, John.

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