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July 1st, 2015 08:00

RecoverPoint with XtremIO Technote Questions


After reading the integration technote with XtremIO and RecoverPoint, I have some clarification questions I am seeking some confimraiton/answers to please:

XtremIO-to-XtremIO Replication is assumed here:

1. When XtremIO is the source array, there looks to be about 2 snaps at any given time and an auto-created XtremIO CG for the volume being protected with RP – are these snaps/CGs identifiable in the XtremIO GUI or under the covers? How would a user query these?

2. When the XtremIO is the target array, there can be a max of 500 snaps created – are these XtremIO snapshots that are created identifiable in the XtremIO GUI or under the covers? How would a user query these?

     a. Is there an XtremIO CG auto-created on the target XtremIO array with this solution, or just the source XtremIO array?

3. The technotes have a step for the user to create an XtremIO CG and put in all of the volumes that RP will replicate:

“On the XtremIO management server, create an consistency group that contains all

XtremIO volumes involved in RecoverPoint replication.”

>>> Why is this needed if RP will automatically create the XtremIO CG’s per RP CG?

>>> How is the limit of 256 volumes per XtremIO CG handled in this setup? Just create multiple XtremIO CG’s to handle 256 volumes each?

4. There is a snippet on how image access is handled in the technote:

“The array actually presents a copy of the snapshot. The original snapshot is not affected. Replication and distribution continue, unaffected by the image access.”

>>> Does this mean that for the snapshot created on the target array that the user selects in RP's journal, another XtremIO snapshot is created for host presentation since it presents a copy of the snapshot? If so, do these “copies” get accounted in the overall snapshot limits of the array? This is a little different verbiage than earlier in the document which just says it access the actual snapshot.

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July 6th, 2015 15:00

Some answers:

1. On the source site, per CG there will be 2-3 snapshot sets (the third is kept for a short time until we complete the refresh process between the various entities). Remember per snapshot set you will have a snapshot per a member of  the CG. The snapshots will be masked a way from a regular user(admin), but those will be visible only  if you are logged-in as tech user. customers should not touch/interact with those snapshots/snapshot sets, I believe those has embeded GUID number in thier name, I can try to find a screen shot with them if needed (let me know).

2. No - you do not see those snapshots in the system, unless you are loggedin as user tech. The expectation is that you will manage those snapshots using the RecoverPoint GUI, this is where you see all those point-in-times and where you control them.

2.a. Yes per CG in RecoverPoint there is a CG in XtremIO, both at the source site and at the target site.

3. I believe this is a mistake, can you send me the copy you are reading from, I will ask to correct it, the idea is that there is a single point of management, everything needs to be configured and managed through the RecoverPoint GUI. the 256 is the number of volumes you could have in a single CG, this is true both for XtremIO and RecoverPoint.

4.  I think you got it right, we are actually creating a snapshot from the PIT you wish to access, and refresh the SCSI face for the DR host to point to the newly created snapshot. Yes every snapshot will be accounted toward the limit. but actually the access image is not an issue as at the worst case scenario you only create a single additional copy  or set of snapshots. there is no inflation of snapshot creation in this process as whenever we refresh the SCSI face for the DR host, we discard the old snapshots.


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July 7th, 2015 06:00

Thanks Tamir!

I cross posted this in the RP forums as well and got some additional information from Idan. I also had some follow-up questions that I will put here:

XtremIO Integration with RecoverPoint Technote Questions

#1/#2 - Sounds like the tech user can see the snapshots, which is good to hear. Is there any command or reference the tech user could look at to quickly sum up the number of XtremIO snapshots on the array to see where they stand with regards to the total limit of 8192? Would the "show-volume-snapshot-groups" sum up this information with the tech user?
         #2 a. Thinking maximum case scenario, if someone keeps 500 snaps of multiple RP CG's, since there is no ability to purge these manually, I'm just curious if they can be summed up in a way where a user could see what is consumed and modify the CG policy as needed (roll off older snapshots) in the case that they need to create manual XtremIO snapshots for their environment but get an error doing so because they would exceed the 8192 limit?
#3 - Thanks for that clarification, that helps. I see in one reply that 64 volumes per CG is the max that will be supported but your reply mentions 256 (which is what the technote says) so it sounds like 256 is the answer. That is good to know given parallel bookmarking isn't supported currently when using XtremIO volumes so we will have to get creative when a server/application has more than 256 LUNs that comprise it. Any idea if this number will be increased in the future or if there is a workaround for a potential server that might have more than 256 LUNs on it but that wants to be protected as a single RP Consistency group?
The snippet I saw that confused me was in the RP/XtremIO Technote that mentions this on page 7:
Thanks for all the information Tamir!

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