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February 28th, 2019 17:00

XtremIO with DRR per Volume Reporting

Hi All, I haven't been able to find anyone with this as a working solution, so I thought I'd send it out to the community for some feedback, as I'm unable to test in any sort of lab environment. Customer has an X1 Series, 4 Node Cluster running XIOS 4.0.26-10 with XMS 4.2.2-26. They are interested in some of the newer features in XMS 6.1.0-98, specifically the DRR per Volume Reporting. Has anyone actually gotten this to work with a X1 Series XtremIO with XMS 6.1.0-98 or higher? I'll be raising an SR to see if it's actually possible to get usable data from the reports, or whether you can pull any usable metrics via SRM. Cheers, Chris

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August 2nd, 2019 09:00

Hello Chirs_DK,


Please note DRR per volume is only implemented on X2 arrays. This is noted within the XtremIO array user guide. I have provided the url for the most recent release where you will find reference on page 99.


DRR (X2 cluster type only) is noted in regards to the fields available in relation to volumes from the WebUI.

There was coding implemented in X2 6.x code to enable tracking DRR per volume. This was not back ported to 4.x arrays. 

As the 6.x XMS can manage X2 arrays as well as XtremIO arrays running 4.x code, you will see that the feature is fully functional for the X2 arrays being managed but not the original XtremIO arrays.


I hope this addresses your question.

Best Regards 
David Simpson

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August 4th, 2019 02:00

Thanks David, I'm about to upgrade the XMS up to version 6 for the X1's and about to have an X2 installed for production so it'll be interesting to see what data comes from it.
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