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4 de septiembre de 2023 17:42

Bluetooth Mediatek device MT7922/MT7921 switch turns on and off by itself (loop) with Microsoft's mouse

My Microsoft bluetooth mouse (new) fails after a few hours of use, the pointer freezes on screen. Immediately the bluetooth device of my Dell G15 5525 stays in an infinite on/off loop, which is only partially solved: 1- Turning off the laptop, without power for two hours, 2- Uninstalling the driver of the internal bluetooth device (MediaTek MT7922/MT7921 Bluetooth UWD Driver), 3- Reinstalling drivers. The curious thing about the situation is that, in the middle of the problem, I open the bluetooth configuration and I see how the switch turns on and off by itself (loop). The solution is partial because after a few days the problem occurs again. By the way, the MediaTek drivers are the latest version and I also have the latest versions of BIOS and other drivers. The system is Windows 11 Home. Due to the annoying problem I have opted to use a wired usb mouse. Has anyone on this forum had this happen or does anyone have a solution?

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