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25 de julio de 2023 03:00

Dell N3048 MAC LACP


I have a problem communication LACP between Firewall to Switch. My firewall provider asked me, what is my LACP MAC. I tried to execute the command show LACP, show interfaces port-channel and tech-support but I didn't have this information. How can I obtain the LACP MAC in switch series N?


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26 de julio de 2023 07:00

Hi Xavier,
U can see MAC LACP (Port-channel) in this command:
please enter in privilige mode and type: show interface port-channel "X" ... X is number u port-channel.

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27 de julio de 2023 00:00


I tried your order but it hasn't the LACP MAC address.

show interfaces port-channel 2

Channel Ports Ch-Type Hash Type Min-links Local Prf Rx Util Tx Util
------- ----------------------------- -------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ---------
Po2 Active: Gi1/0/3, Gi2/0/3 Dynamic 7 1 Disabled 198 282

Hash Algorithm Type
1 - Source MAC, VLAN, EtherType, source module and port Id
2 - Destination MAC, VLAN, EtherType, source module and port Id
3 - Source IP and source TCP/UDP port
4 - Destination IP and destination TCP/UDP port
5 - Source/Destination MAC, VLAN, EtherType, source MODID/port
6 - Source/Destination IP and source/destination TCP/UDP port
7 - Enhanced hashing mode


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28 de julio de 2023 02:00


Finally, I execute this order to obtain LACP MAC address.

show interfaces detail port-channel X


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