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09-05-2023 09:00 AM

Compra con factura Chile

Hola, necesito saber cómo comprar online con factura en Chile. No me da la opción de ingresar los datos de la empresa para poder facturar una compra





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09-05-2023 21:00 PM

Machine translation
Hello thanks for choosing Dell. This is mostly where people gather for techsupport not 
sales inquiries. Have you visited this page?

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15-05-2023 10:00 AM

Hi, I tried over that page, I need to buy things and NEED AN INVOICE from that purchase, and using that link I cannot ask for an INVOICE, it is a Company purchase.



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15-05-2023 11:00 AM

Hello abassi,


You can try calling:

CHILE(ENTEL)        1230-020-3329


Or try this link:

Choose: Contáctenos in the top right corner

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