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9 de noviembre de 2022 10:00

XPS 13 9305 battery not charging, charger cable with led light ok but not recognized.


I have a XPS 13 9305 9 months old laptop. All the time in desktop, connected to charger, it does not move to anywhere, anytime. Using it almost everyday. Yesterday evening I noticed battery was discharging, so I was quite surprised, because it was connected to electricity with charger, like everyday, since the first day on February 2022.

So I checked the charger, and it looked perfect, any scratch, its white led light working as always. I try to plug and unplug charger cable, restart laptop, plug charger in other USB-C in same laptop. Nothing, battery does not charge, the indicator led of laptop placed in the front do not switched on in any case.

So I opened a post in support Dell Web-page. They indicate to me to do a diagnose in BIOS, check health status and report to them errors. The unique error shown is "Charger - Unable to detect charger".

I decided to record a video of the laptop and the moment of when I plug the charger to the laptop and it does not charge. Showing whole cable (in perfect conditions apparently). So when I do it, magically the charger charges (I already was trying that electricity plug (different to the usual one), so it is not about the wall electric plug).

Then I take again the laptop to my desk, and I plug the charger again. It charges. I can not believe it. In just that instant, support calls, and I take advantage of it and I try to plug to the other two USB-C female connectors with the charger cable. All of them works, they charge the laptop, the three.

So I proceed to respond the request from support, take photo of the cable. I stop charging the laptop unplugging the charger cable, and I bring it to the table of another room with more light. I take the photos and I send them to support. So I connect charger again to laptop, but it again does not charge. I softly move the cable close to connector (Like the one of the charger of the smartphones when they stop working properly. Or like the audio cable of headset with jack connector) and in a unique delicate, concrete, unique position of the cable, it charges during few minutes.

Currently it does not charge again in any position, and I do not want to move the cable in order to not to damage it. Cable is like new, around 9 months, no scratches, no pulls, never moved from its place. Nothing. I do not have any other laptop with USB-C and neither charger USB-C, so I cannot do test.

For me looks like charger, showing led light working on, but with internal electronic defect, error or damage. But I am not sure. I already have had some Dell XPS laptops in my life, I am very happy with them and with the brand. Some of them I still have working good, or they are in another hands. It is my favorite laptop brand, although like everything in life, sometimes fails.

Could anybody please give to me any idea or opinion about what could be  causing the issue?

Thanks in advance for your time,






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22 de noviembre de 2022 05:00

I just received the new charger. It works perfect like the one of the technician yesterday. So the issue it is solved. Fast delivery, great work once again by Dell. Thank you very much and sorry by the inconveniences 

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9 de noviembre de 2022 23:00

That was too long. Shortest explanation:

Everything looks perfect, like new. But charger is not recognized by Laptop, so battery does not charge normally. In last 72 hours it charged only 20 minutes. 

Any idea about possible repairment or replacement?

Thanks in advance for your time, greetings from one of the biggest Dell brand fan,


P.D. I can not test charger in another device, and neither another charger in my laptop. (And sincerely I  neither would do it, each device has its charger. Dell has its own and it is the unique proper to use.)

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12 de noviembre de 2022 12:00

I am pending of the visit to my place of a technician from Dell who is going to try an other charger first, and if it does not work, it seems DC-In and/or motherboard will be replaced. I will let you know by this chat the advances in the solution.

So quick Dell started working on the solution to help me...amazing service one more time! Amazing laptops and amazing company!

Greetings, Sergio

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21 de noviembre de 2022 04:00

Technician just left the place of the assistance and he determined the motherboard or DC-IN should not be the cause of the issue. After testing with his own charger the laptop, it charges properly and the conclusion is that the charger has to be replaced by a new one. I am grateful for his work. He ordered it by Dell app, so I keep waiting for the reception to conclude the service. If the charger would have had its white led switched off it would have been much easier to determine that charger has some damage. Thanks to Dell for the great assistance.

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