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Alienware M17X R4 Charging Issue?


I've finally got a replacement Alienware M17x R4 after my other one was 'faulty' so tech support said. I'm not so sure now.

So I have an Alienware M17x R4 with windows 8. The laptop will charge no problem whilst the laptop is on, if I turn the laptop off it will continue to charge as the alien head changes color, and it will boot up fine.

However, should I turn the laptop off, unplug it for the night say and plug the charger back in, the alienhead will not light up and will not charge, and then when I turn on the laptop the keyboard will not light up correctly untill Windows 8 has booted up to the desktop.

This is the second laptop to have done this straight out of the box? I have updated the BIOS (A11) and I'm running the latest version of all the drivers. 

Any suggestions? It bugs me that it won't charge whilst the laptop is turned off.

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