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Re: Alienware M17X R4 Charging Issue?


IThe problem stems from the fact that the laptop will only charge once it has been turned on, and then shut down. The laptop will not charge without it being turned on if it was disconnected from the power outlet. Which means if I move it from one room to another I have to turn it on, then shut it down for it charge.

"Do not turn the system off when on battery only. Use the system on battery only, but plug the AC adapter back into the system before powering off."

Surely this is not normal for a laptop? The idea of a laptop should be the fact that's it's portable and can be charged whenever and wherever. So are you saying the laptop should not charge if it was dis-connected and re-connected to a power source after a shutdown?

In any case; as an update Alienware tech got back to me and have reported that it should charge regardless and a new firmware update/bios update will hopefully come out in the next 2-4 weeks to resolve this issue. I hope.

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