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M17x can't boot from HDD or DVD drive. HELP!!!

Ok so here is a little detail about the problem.

I have an M17x R1 which ran Vista 64bit, Intel core 2 processor, twin GT260's and 2 x 300GB HDD's

To cut a long story short i managed to get a virus which forced me to recover windows, i decided to install windwos 7 64bit and break the RAID setup. Everything was fine until i experience a few problems with wireless internet and RIAD so i deleted the array and decided to go back to Vista 64bit. However i couldnt use the alien respawn so i tried to boot from CD with the recovery disk but my laptop just refuses to do it. It wont boot from HDD or the recovery disk regardless of what setup im using for the HDD. I have tried everything i can think of up to and including using an external dvd drive and i have ran out of options.

Up to now i either get a blank screen after the BIOS and start-up info or i get the NVIDIA boot agent with PXE-E61: Media test failure, Check cable and PXE-M0F: Exiting NVIDIA Boot Agent. Operating System not found.

If anyone can help me with the problem i will be very grateful as i haven't had a fully functioning laptop for about 2 weeks and everytime i think im getting somewhere it just keeps getting worse.

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