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i feel real bad!! M18X problem

the Screen have a Red Dot! i pay for 4000$ buy a laptop M18X come with a Red Dot? ok.. i live with it..but just aft few Month..the laptop star trun black when i play 3D game with Crossfire..i was just think this is becoz my Software problems..but is not!i tryed 6 Different game reinstall systeam still same..so i called DELL tryed get help..tyed fix Graphics display contact problem.when i remove the keybrod..i saw the CROSSFIRE LINE(the yellow one below the keybord)Interface port was damaged!a pice Metal is missing..is this a used M18X sell to me??or when they Production and splicing are not careful!! right now..i aready send back my M18X hope they can fixed! i have Recorded video upload at youtube..this is the link when the Screen trun to block i need Shake or Tapping my laptop trun light back!!
once again..this is 4000$ laptop..plz do somting


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