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RE: Upgrade Alienware X51 power supply

Radeon R9 270, 2GB minimum psu is 500? or am I looking at the wrong card?    My x51 also restarts after I run a game on an average of usually 20 minutes. it ran for an hour today after I shut it down for sometime. There could be several issues I've researched. overheating of a gpu ( not sure what gpu is vs cpu) video card overheating, or faulty psu.    my question is, how can I tell 100% if it's my vid card or not? the same can be asked with the psu. I've ran a gtx 645, ( i'm unsure on how to clock or overclock things-FYI ) for almost 3 years. have spent countless hours running all my games on high or ultra. now, it dosent shut off when I run ESO but the game lags after about 20 mins. I'm considering upgrading to the gtx 660 superclocked.

Also does the x51 case have anything to do with faulty air flow by its design?

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