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RE: Upgrade Alienware X51 power supply

I have an Alienware x51 with a Nvidida Geforce GTX 555. I have a 330w adapter. My computer worked well for about a year but I haven't used it in awhile. Right now my pc won't load any games. It reboots every single time I try to play Star Wars the Old republic. Which is the only game I want to play. I can't figure it out no matter what I do to try and fix this problem. It's very agonizing. There are no system errors listed when i run diagnostics. I've run every single diagnostic I could find, i've cleaned out all the vents for over heating. The temperature on my HWmonitor doesn't go too high. I don't understand at all what it could possbly be. I just want to be able to play one game and I can't. It's very annoying.

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