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RE: Alienware Deutschland (Germany)... wirklich so unflexibel bei Konfiguration?

Alienware is long gone, it is only a name now - they are Dell PC's and Dell want to sell as many as possible.  A blu-ray reader has a lot more costs than just the hardware, they need more expensive software and I suspect they also need more technical support as well (due to HDCP/DRM issues particularly) so it's more straightforward just not to offer one.  Dell have been moving progressively this way for a while as initially they offered prebuilt specs that could be shipped quicker than other machines, I assume they've found that works well so they've moved their whole model that way.

It's not something I agree with but I can't see it changing, I bought the Alienware machines I have because they were cheaper than a self build and come with an onsite warranty.  I wasn't bothered about not getting the exact spec I wanted as I find upgrades were usually overpriced anyway so I just changed over the bits as I wanted, I suspect others wanting more custom configurations will just do the same.

The older Alienware machines (before Dell bought them) were just rebranded machines anyway (mostly Clevo on the notebook side) and there's still companies selling Clevo machines with full customisation although you do tend to pay quite a bit more and the warranties aren't as good.

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