Alienware 18 Charger Randomly Disconnects during gameplay

I re-edited the post to make it as clear as possible:

I realized my charger is disconnecting randomly during gameplay, the things that are happening right now are:

  1. Battery Icon in TaskBar is showing that im on battery and the charger isn't connected at all.
  2. While im playing a game, I realize im going from a smooth 60+ FPS to 21 to 40 FPS.
  3. Whenever 2 is occuring, I hurry to my Desktop to check if the charger is disconnecting, but suprisingly, its still connected. This is before the Charger disconnects by itself.
  4. It only happens after an hour of gaming, when the laptop's CPU or GPU has warmed up from the games. Average Temp whenever this problem is occuring is around 60-70C degress, which is quite normal for me.
  5. Dust has accumulated a little bit into the Charger Socket in the laptop, I think this is one of the cause of the problem.
  6. I check if the PowerBrick itself is losing power, nope, Light is glowing solid.

I need help, this laptop was bought from a retail store, not from Dell/Alienware themselves, so the Store Warranty is now void(Just 1 month store warranty).

UPDATE: I think I know the exact thing that makes it happen, I had my Charger plugged into an extension cable, when I took the charger off there and plugged it directly to the wall, the problem never happens anymore, except that the battery wont charge to 100% anymore and getting stuck at 99%.

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