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Re: Windows 8 on Aurora R4 ... anyone ???


I bought windows 8 as a download and during installation it checked the system (aurora-R4) and everything was go, but

unfortunately after downloading at 100% it rebooted and stayed there on a black screen with a circle going around for 2

hours with no luck but luckily after shutting down I could go back to win 7.

I tried it 7 times removing some programs without luck, this was on a transfer all installation, at first you have 3 choices

all, personal files , clean.

Finally I tried it with files only and it worked.

Everything is fine ,I finally re-installed all my programs but I find it personally very hard to learn compared to all other

windows I installed in my 20 years of windows , I cannot find anything like all programs, I am still looking, or windows

explorer, I think it will take me many weeks to really enjoy it but I like the fast boot up though, I will rarely put it in sleep

mode now. good luck on installation

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