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Re: IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers not showing up, unable to TRIM SSD

I am having an issue with my newly installed SSD. I just received an Alienware Aurora R4 with Windows 8. I immediately cloned the hard drive to an OCZ Vector 256GB drive using EaseUs ToDo Backup,

I think problems started here, on this EaseUs step.

Hopefully you still have this original Image backup ... likely on an external USB or something. Good ... keep that forever (especially since it sounds like you erased the original copy/drive).

You need to Clean Install Win-8 (and load proper chipset and other drivers) to that SSD so you can check hardware. It won't be easy because of no Win-8 media and hidden OEM serial key. You might have to talk with Dell to get some OEM media on DVD or USB-Flash.

Personally, I would have also created the Dell Recovery 16gb USB-Flash device in the beginning. It might come in handy now. It might have facilitated a full recovery of your OEM-Windows-8 ... even "bare-metal" (to your blank SSD).

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