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Re: IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers not showing up, unable to TRIM SSD

Sadly I was not able to get an image back-up using the windows 7 tool. I kept getting the error of not having enough room on the drives I tried to copy to (even though one was a fresh 1.5 tb drive). I am able to get the OEM Windows key using Belarc Advisor, though I hear it often isn't accepted in a fresh install and a phone activation may have to occur. I plan to try a Refresh first and erase everything and reinstall Win 8 - if that doesn't help then I'll try the clean install.

I have read about the difficulty of getting the Win 8 media. I do have on USB (and also burned to disk) a Win 8 Pro upgrade from a different desktop that  was just recently upgraded from Win 7 - will that allow me to install fresh Windows 8, or does some form of windows have to be on the drive to allow that to work? Hell, I would even be willing to mail my SSD to Dell and have everything factory installed on it if that were at all possible. I have a back-up desktop and my gaming laptop so would not be in any rush.

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