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Respawn not working - Recovery partition visible

After several attempts to reinstall the OS using 2 different USB drives provided by support, I am still left with a non-functioning Respawn software and the recovery partition ( *:RECOVERY NTFS 10.20GB) is visible in explorer as a Y drive.  Can't I just delete OR merge the partition with the CSmiley SurprisedS partition ? Support does not understand my question and insists that the Recovery partition is not visible EVEN when they remote into my machine and see it.  They do not know what to do.  It's not so much the 10.2GB that bugs me - it's the fact that it's visible no matter what I do. Any thoughts ?

Side note: There is also a (*Smiley Happy drive FAT 39.19 MB that does not have anything on it. Support has no idea. This partition is not visible in explorer.

This is a 3 week old Alienware X51.

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