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Alienware 18 with dual AMD 290x connected to Asus pb287q 4k monitor goes on and off -unusable

I just received my brand spanking new pc and it's great. However i also bought 2 4K monitors from ASUS (PB287Q) and realized I have 2 problems. 

1. When connected to the 4k monitor via hdmi , the monitor screen goes completely blank and comes back, it does this if I have certain programs and not others. ie I'm a developer and if i open Android studio on the monitor , it immediately begins to flicker on and of. basically its unusable. However Outlook, Chrome etc all work on the same screen without a problem

I downloaded the latest amd drivers from this dell site, No Effect.

I noticed that if i lower the resolution a notch below the 3k, it doesnt  go on and off. So i'm tempted to think this is a driver issue and not that the monitor has a problem

2. How do i connect both monitors to the alienware? ie can i use the mini displayport and hdmi at the same time? or should i get a hdmi splitter?

The monitor going on and off is driving me insane and I hope someone has a solution.



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