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RE: Alienware 18 with dual AMD 290x connected to Asus pb287q 4k monitor goes on and off -unusable

Thanks for taking time on my question.

Yes i've tried the display port and different hdmi cables.

On the display port i have a belkin displayport to hdmi converter. The issue with it is that once connected, it wont go over 1920 x1080 even when i get new drivers etc

The hdmi direct connection will show 4k at 30hz but like i said, is unusable because the screen goes on and off many times. and this is using certain programs only like android studio.

Actually i'm quite dissapointed because i paid a *** of alot of money to get the best pc i thought money could buy along with a 4k monitor only to find they dont match.

Also found that I cant connect 2 monitors. If i connect one monitor on hdmi and other on display port, the pc sees them but only allows 2 at a time ie either laptop screen and one monitor or both monitors without laptop screen.

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