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RE: Alienware 18 with dual AMD 290x connected to Asus pb287q 4k monitor goes on and off -unusable

Thanks for the reply.

I think I may have not understood the question. sorry.

I got the mini displayport to hdmi to see if i could connect 2 monitors at the same time, using the display port to one and hdmi to the other. (which didn't work)

I'm purchasing a mini displayport to normal display port cable today and hope to connect it to the 4k monitor , hoping to get 60hz as the specifications say.  (laptop only has a mini display and hdmi ports)

The issue remains however that even with the hdmi connection to the PB287Q it flickers on and off.

Would you be having any suggestions on how I could connect 2 monitors (a PA284 and PB287Q) to the alienware laptop and get 4k on the 4k monitor and standard 1920x1080 on the other?

thanks again for your time

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