The A08 BIOS is designed to offer M15x and M17xR2 users enhanced stability

As has been pointed out, the A08 BIOS for both M15x and M17xR2 assign the processor’s Turbo Ratio limits to Intel’s default values, thereby allowing Turbo Mode to dynamically adjust core frequencies in real time. For M15x users, this should immediately resolve any performance issues they may be experiencing.

The M17xR2 has a greater threshold for both thermals and power draw than the M15x, and this has kept M17xR2 from exhibiting throttling issues to the same extent as M15x. However, we have discovered certain scenarios which lead to similar errors that can be attributed to the prior Turbo Ratio limits. To ensure the highest possible levels of system stability, the A08 BIOS is meant to fix these potential errors. Some users may experience a minor decrease in CPU scores, but that should be limited to benchmarking software and extreme CPU-intensive applications such as real-time rendering. Even then, it should be negligible. Users should not notice a performance decrease in casual use or even intense gaming.

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