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Aurora r4 wont boot (no display or beep sound) after update bios.

Hi there,

i updated my aurora R4 bios today to A10. However, without any warnings the screen freezing and the computer restart. Upon self restart,

the fan is running loud and nothing happens after that. No beep soh d, no alien logo. Had tried resetting the bios, remove the smos batt , cycle power,etc.

and the pc does not want to boot. It is working fine before. Is this symptom showing my mobo is bricked? Is there any way to recover or reflash or etc?

i need to upgrade the bios since im going to win8.1 and this is recommrndation bios at dell page for win8. 

any help or advise is highly appreciated. Fyi my system is out of warranty and aged 1 year 2 months.


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