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Re: Newbie question-M15x wireless question


I think what Tesla is referring to is securing your wireless network against outside attack/abuse. Its important that you change the default user name and password for the admin access. Also set a WPA-PSK passkey encryption, personally i limit my access to specific MAC addresses so even if they know the pass they won't be able to log on. All this will be covered i the user manual and is available using the router firmware, you won't need to buy any additional security out side of your antivirus. The router will also likely have a firewall.

I know people that have taken the router out the box plugged it in and walled away because it connects to their computer fine, however it will also connect to anyone else to. if you see a wireless access point called Netgear or Linksys then you know its probably not been setup, this means you could login as admin and change all the settings and locking the owner out. Plus your giving everyone else free internet. My father in law is a prime example, i sit in his frontroom with my iPhone and lock him out of his own wireless system to prove a point.




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