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Re: Am I screwed? (Warrenty question)

Yeah, what Morblore wrote is right i think.

I looked into the warrenty and what it offered/terms when buying my system and as far as i am aware you can choose to extend it after the warrenty period with the above applying, and other things such as the system not being damaged (e.g. you can't buy a warrenty extension to cover damage that your system has incurred in the period that it didnt have a warrenty)




  • OS - Windows 7 (64)
  • Processor - i7 920
  • GPU - Nvidia GTX460 1GB
  • Memory - 6GB 1333
  • Hard Drive - 1TB RAID 0 "Stripe" (2 x 500GB Momentus XT Solid State Hyrbid Drive)
  • Optical Drive - 24X DVD+/- RW Optical Drive (DVD & CD read and write)  
  • Monitor - Samsung 24" LED
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