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Re: Am I screwed? (Warrenty question)

They wanted $300 to renew it for 1 year. Does that make any sense? It was originally less than $300 for 3 years when i first bought it. I was expecting $200 for an additional 2 years.


With customers calling in for support on every little problem (ie MIO Boards) or because something doesn't over-clock well ... Parts and field labor costs are going up (sky-rocketting from what you report).

Part of this is because their field techs don't troubleshoot problems (only phone techs do with customers as "eyes and ears"). Many software problems get mis-diagnosed as hardware ... but hardware gets swapped and the software has to be reloaded anyway ... so it only "looks" like the hardware was bad.

I think it's also because some machines were config-ed and sold with inadequate power-supplies ... so lots of service calls are generated and parts swapped from that.

Who do you think pays for all those warranty "complete machine swaps" we read about here?


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