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Re: Am I screwed? (Warrenty question)

yes,, tesla is right about that for sure,,,last month i purchased 2 more years of service but didnt know that hardware support was NOT included,,so i had to buy the service that did include limited hardware now for only two more years of extended warranty coverage im into it for $900.00..     i also made sure i got north american support,that might be where some of the cost factor is!                      hey!!!! but i did get a gift card!!!!!

merry christmas  everybody.....

Alienware Aurora(nonalx) bios A11       
Intel i7-920(2.67GHz)          CCv. 
12gb 1333 ddr3 ram
2x1tb wdc1001faes(raid1)   1x1tb wdc(data)  1x1tb wdc(data)
GTX 960 ftw   v.368.22
Dual drives>~hl-dt-st dvdrwbd ch20n>>plds dvd+rw dh-24aas
Soundblaster xfi-titanium                    
ASUS VG248QE monitor
roccat kone pure mouse

ducky one cherry brown keyboard
windows7 home premium 64-bit

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