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SSD intel SRT accelerate button missing (caching)

Hello there fellow alienware owners I am a newcomer to this club and have been out of the loop of tech stuff for about 4 years since I was living under a rock. recently I have been doing some intensive researching because I bought my new m17x R4 laptop. so here is the setup, Windows 7 pro sp1 i7 3740QM 1TB 5400 rpm HDD 32 gb SSD HD 7970m 32gb ram Of course my purpose was for caching to boost performance. so upon booting from factory setting, the iSRT interface did show the accelerate tab, I clicked into but click cancel again to jump out to ensure I have the right setting from all components, i then immediately reboot and checked my bios, which it read as RAID, after logging in and opening my ISRT, the accelerate tab when missing. I did a few things from here on: i updated to the newest driver after i uninstall the previous ones. I have switched back to AHCI then reboot, then reboot again to change to RAID, then reboot again to no avail. It still wont show. out of desperate measure, I checked there aren't any partition on the SSD so I reformat the SSD. Then I restore the system back to its factory state. which the older driver was install, the bios was in RAID mode but the accelerate tab still doesn't show. I have now updated my BIOS to the latest version A11 too which still doesn't help. Anyone could help me on this?
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