Re: SSD intel SRT accelerate button missing (caching)

Hi Cloudyherb,

I appreciate your efforts to enable the Intel Rapid Storage Technology. You will need to create Hibernation partition on the SSD to use the acceleration feature. Please follow the steps provided below to create the Hibernation partition:

1. Execute Disk Management.
2. Select the SSD disk (disk1).
3. Right click to bring up the menu options list, and select “Initialize Disk”.

4. Initialize Disk as "MBR" format.

5. Right click to bring up the menu options list, and select “New Simple volume”.

6. Follow the wizard to create new volume.

7. Run “Command Prompt” as administrator, execute “Diskpart.exe”.

8. At the diskpart prompt, type the following commands as shown below:

DiskPart> list volume

DiskPart> select volume X (X is volume number of your store partition. size is 11G)

DiskPart> set id=84 override

Diskpart> exit

9. A Hibernation Partition will be created.

After creating the Hibernation partition, you may enable acceleration from the IRST application. Please let me know about your findings.

Thanks and Regards,
Rajath N
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