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Re: Need Help fixing unresponding Windows audio for ALienware 17 R4

No devices appearing once again

K. I answer the suggestions! ^-^

1) when reinstalling Nvidia drivers be sure to clean out registry and other Nvidia program remnants with a registry cleaner. I use IOLO System Mechanic but a free version of CCleaner may work as well.

When reinstalling Nvidia drivers select Custom install, make sure all updates as well as current software loaded are checked marked, and select Clean install. Not checking currently update installed software will actually uninstall the driver not selected. (just check everything)


1) ANSWER: If my earlier answer about the way I reinstall Nvidia drivers above is correct.. I've done this countless times to no avail x.x. I've also cleaned the registry repeatedly with CCleaner, cleared so leftovers from uninstallations but doesn't fix sound. Ye.

2) Using administrator privileges, at the command prompt type in sfc /scannow.


2) ANSWER: I have done this scan many times before coming to this forum as well with no errors x.x

Anyway here is the result :

Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification 100% complete.
Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.

3) In control panel select sounds. On the pop-up, select the Tab "Sounds." What sound scheme is selected? Make sure at least the Windows Default Scheme is selected. Then under the Tab Communications, select "Do Nothing"

3) ANSWER: Done. Before Tab communications was at 70% mute or something but changed to Do Nothing... Sound still broken.

Also I am constantly spammed with these error messages regardless I press yes or no



Next suggestion !

4) in device manager under sounds, right click Realtek, uninstall, and then restart computer. Windows will reinstall Realtek.

4)ANSWER: Did this multiple times to no avail as well.. thanks for the suggestion though?

this time result : no work


5) I thought you might have had SoundBlaster installed on your system but I don't see it listed. Did your system com with SoundBlaster originally?

5) ANSWER: SoundBlaster? Virus? (Joking). Never heard of that before, probably was never on my system in the first place  


6) I noticed six Action Center Notifications in lower right corner. Do any of those direct you to perform some kind of maintenance?

6) ANSWER: Most are just my emails... only one has relevance... tells me to restart constantly after I keep on reinstalling the sound and Nividia drivers  


7) access Administrator Tools and select Event Viewer. Scroll down to Realtek and see if any events are present and suggest specific issues.

7)ANSWER: Can't find in Event Viewer? (Realtek)... (Sorry, I'm fresh meat to windows - ported directly from Macintosh (apple) so I'm quite clueless what your directions are sometimes... ie about the reinstalling driver thingy.  

Anyway.. I'm extremely grateful for your help despite how I may express myself.

Believe me you guys are much better than those Dell support staff, refusing to help because I don't live in America or Canada as I brought my laptop while on holiday.

I believe I still have warrantee of some sort....

AH. Here it is:

ServiceStart date (GMT time zone)End date (GMT time zone)
Onsite Service After Remote Diagnosis (Consumer Customer)/ Next Business Day Onsite After Remote Diagnosis (Commercial Customer)November 14, 2016February 13, 2018