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Re: Need Help fixing unresponding Windows audio for ALienware 17 R4

killerdk12345 wrote:

1. Did the full test, the 4 hr one- no issues and

2. sound does come out when I tested the speakers in TEST MODE that is.

3. Still no sound from speakers in tab, nor when I play videos.

4. Now when I play videos, videos keep on pausing as if I'm holding the space bar throughout the video


1. Good

2. Really Good. I think your hardware (motherboard and "sound card" circuit) might actually be 100% functional

3. Right. Yeah, I think your Windows or drivers are corrupt. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes you just have to Nuke-and-Pave the system to get it working again. This mostly only happens on specialized devices, laptops, or machines with "tricked out" hardware config devices. Again, NOT COMMON but I have seen it before.

After you clean-install Windows and do the initial Windows "First Time Setup" BE VERY CAREFUL and selective about what drivers you install and in what order. Try to get chipset drivers on there first. Try to install a proper current driver for each device only once and keep going forward. It might take more than one attempt unless you take Image Backups along the way ... helps save time if you "fall into a hole" and have to backup a bit.


4. Weird. I guess it's looking for audio device so it can give you some sound with your video.


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